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Hardcore Direct Response Digital Automotive Marketing For Aggressive Car Dealers Hungry For Growth: 1 800 262-0081


Try This $1 Dollar Per Contact 6-Touch-Point Automotive Sales Funnel


I am offering you a six touch point funnel where we will:


1. Invite prospects to watch a powerful upgrade video using a perfectly crafted email script,

2. Let them watch the video and attempt to grab their trade-in information

3. Remind them of the opportunity with a personalised SMS leading to the video,

4. Let them watch the video again and attempt for a second time to grab their trade-in information

5. Reach them with a final ringless voicemail referencing the email and the SMS and pointing them to the video

6. Let them review one last time the video to attempt to grab their trade-in information

Yes, only a buck per contact.


Think about it; you can barely send a mail piece with a stamp for a buck. Most automotive call centers will do two attempts and leave a message for a dollar.

​With 1,000 contacts, you can expect to generate 20-30 appointments and sell 12-15 vehicles. That’s the power of a good sales funnels.

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Review our 3 powerful June campaigns here...

AutoRewards - BANNER.jpg

Auto Rewards Upgrade

Digital Upgrade Event

Offer your customers or conquest vehicle shoppers around your dealership an up to $50,000 Auto Rewards Upgrade Offer to purchase their current vehicle!

Enjoy $1,479 in FREE Bonuses!

View a "live" example here


123 Snap


Digital Upgrade Event

Invite your customers to upgrade with this 6-touch-point funnel that will allow you to sell cars for $1 per contact and sell cars like hot cakes!

Enjoy $738 in FREE Bonuses!

View a "live" example here




Digital Upgrade Event

It's not always easy to find the right "hook" to generate leads. This SpinToWin allows you to make everybody dream!

(Loyalty or conquest versions available.)

Enjoy $1,479 in FREE Bonuses!

View a "live" example here

If you’re looking to increase your sales this month with an agile digital marketing campaign that provides you both a very straightforward upgrade message AND an exciting hook to get quality leads, I think you will love my new Spin The Wheel Upgrade campaign.


Now don’t freak out just yet because I said Spin The Wheel. This is far from the usual game and cash prize type of campaign that attracts prize seekers and weak leads because the wheel is fully customizable with your manufacturer’s rebates, or some exclusive upgrade bonuses you currently have available at the store, or some business office incentives, car wash, oil change, or other gifts that make sense to YOU.

Bottom line: you’ll have everything you need to make a splash in the market place and get the whole town talking about your event. Best of all, it can be launched in a few hours notice.


Don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions. You can reach me at 1 800 262-0081 ext 703.


I can walk you through the steps in a few minutes and show you why this might be your most successful customer acquisition event this year!


Let’s sell some cars!

Need To Sell Some Used Cars?

If you want to sell more used cars and you’re already doing a great job with all the fundamentals, I mean:


• you maintain your Website inventory in tip-top shape;

• you already have all your units on Trader, CarGurus and all the other car portals;

• you hopped on the Facebook Marketplace bandwagon and are featuring on the platform all your models;

• and you run ads on classified sites like CraigsList and Kijiji;


What else could you be doing to crank up the used car sales volume if you wanted to launch a massive pre-owned sales event and double your usual sales volume this month?


The short answer: YouTube!


Are you reaching pre-owned vehicle shoppers on the 2nd largest search engine on the planet?

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