Need to sell some tires? Look no further than our Tire Upgrade Event... dealers who try it once do it over and over again year after year because NOTHING sells more rubber and spring/fall maintenance than this little monster!!! Don't get fooled by its simplicity... you better buckle up for some SERIOUS TRACTION!!!


Read this testimonial from one of our customer:


"Our November tire sales target was $102,807.00. This was set to match the tire sales we experienced in November 2016. November 2016 was the most tire sales we had ever experienced in one month so beating that number in 2017 was going to take a full team effort.

I am happy to announce that as of the end of business yesterday, we have crushed that number by more than 30%! We are currently sitting at tire sales of $136,044 and we still have 3 more selling days this month!

I know that there are some efficiency changes we need to make on our side to ensure a smoother, quicker response time to each of the quotes but all in all, I am quite satisfied with the results we are experiencing."

Rich Snider
Parts Manager at Cambridge Centre Honda


See an example "live" here :


  • You will get our full fledged video mouse-trap featuring a powerful video presentation bringing salesmanship to the Web experience for your prospects, our high-converting lead capture form, and the lead nurturing (thank you) video all assembled in a sales funnel optimized to generate quality leads. We will also customize the mouse-trap with your logo, phone number, address, and make sure all the leads are sent precisely where you want them sent (CRM, email addresses, etc) Price: $1,497


         YouTube Video Add Package where we will license to you the video from the mouse-trap and upload it to your YouTube channel so you can use it on your Website, upload it to your Facebook page and use it to target conquest vehicle shoppers around your dealership on all your social media properties! BONUS #1: $297 Value!


         Social Domination Artwork Package. This package will provide you with the video source file, an Instagram Post, a LinkedIn Post, 6 high-converting image ads already perfectly sized for your Facebook ads, a text file with the exact headline, description, and other elements you can copy/paste directly in your Facebook ad campaign to immediately get the maximum traction with conquest vehicle shoppers and non-intenders around your dealership. Our Facebook ad package also includes all the campaign creative you will be able to use royalty-free to supplement your social media efforts and to maximize congruence. BONUS #2: $197 Value!


         Home Page Hack-Tool to help you re-direct organic new vehicle prospect and new car sales traffic coming from your main Website directly into your video mouse-trap to help you maximize leads and conversions from traffic interested in new car sales BONUS #3: $47 Value!


         Complete Pre-Launch Training For Your Team where we provide them with the tips and tactics our other dealers have used to make the most out of these campaign and "best-practices" on following up with the leads, voice-mail, two-step calls, emails and SMS strategies. BONUS #4: $197 Value!


         3,000 Email Broadcast Bonus. This bonus will provide you with the exact 4 powerful email scripts we've been using to generate tons of leads for dealers who wanted to make sure their existing customers didn't feel "left out" of the opportunity. It also includes the ability to have us send these email invitations for you using our whitelisted and fully compliant proprietary email broadcast engine to up to 10,000 contacts. BONUS #5: $297 Value!


         Our 1,000 SMS Broadcast Bonus which will provide you with the exact text message scripts we've been using to instantly generate a massive amount of leads for dealers who wanted to make sure their mobile customers could also be invited + the ability to have us send these SMS using our fully compliant proprietary SMS broadcast engine to up to 3,000 mobile contacts. BONUS #6: $297 Value!


Our YouTube Conquest Bonus Package which will allow you to take advantage of Google and YouTube’s pay-per-view targeting technology to reach 12,000 conquest vehicle shoppers around your dealership. These are 12,000 people who are not yet your customers and are probably not in your current database! BONUS #7: $147 Value!


Total Value: $2,976

Winter Tires

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