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  • Lucie Gauvreau

Attention Grabbing Email Subject Lines for Automotive Car Dealers

You may not know this, but email has the best ROI of all the marketing strategies. SalesForce reports that according to a recent study from ExactTarget, 77-percent of prospects prefer to receive marketing through an opt-in based email. Of those prospects, other studies show 44-percent will make a purchase based on these emails. 33-percent will open the email based upon the subject line, and 58-percent of those opened emails will have subject lines with less than 10 characters.


An email that focuses on the self-interest of the recipient is going to get the most attention, and more people open a personalized email than any other. The self-interest email should be the most used as it will yield the best results. It is direct and offers a benefit to them for opening it. It also lets you pre-qualify your prospect for other services.

. Winterize your Car: Seasonal Service Tips that Save You Money

. The New Models are Out: See What's Changed

. New for 2017: Technology Redesigns the Dashboard


Several of the self-interest subject lines could pique curiosity if posed as a question. The idea behind making your subject line tantalizing is to entice your reader to open the email because you have hinted at the subject. While these work well, be careful not to overuse them or you run the risk of them losing their potency.

. Self-driving Cars: Are You Ready for the Future?


Everyone wants something for free or at a great saving, and an offer email is an extremely successful email. When you decide to make an offer, then make sure that you use it directly in your subject line or you will lose your customer's attention.

. Print these Service Department Coupons

. Free 21-Point Safety Check with Oil Change


When you address the urgency of your offer, then you create a need for someone to buy it now or lose out forever. This is another email subject that you may want to use sparingly and only when there is really a deadline or limited offer. People lose interest or wait for the next email if this is overused.

. All Lube, Oil and Filter Changes 25% Off Today ONLY

. Half Price Accessory Sale Ends Today

. Seat Covers Half Price Today Only

. Open Immediately: Time-Sensitive Service Coupons for You


The one thing that people never get tired of is human-interest stories. Your emails can be used to let your prospects know that there are real people behind your dealership. You do not have to talk about yourself; you can focus on any of your employees. If you do a dealership employee newsletter, you have access to a number of outstanding employees. While sales figures and goals are fine within your organization, it might be best to use real human-interest stories in your emails to prospects.

Salesman Bob Exceeded all of His Goals for March is less likely to be opened by your prospects than this one: When not Selling New Cars, Salesman Bob Fights Fires as an Auxiliary Firefighter. Do not be surprised if people come in to shake Salesman Bob's hand and thank him for his service to the community.

Other topics that work include news about your product, social proof that encourages others to buy the same car or telling stories about the benefits like safety products or fuel efficiency.

Here are some email subject lines to help you get started:

. 4 Things You Should Know about Your Oil

. 5 Ways to Winterize Your Car

. Safety Features Explained

. How Technology has Changed the Safety Features on Your Car

. Free List of Travel Sites for Vacation Planning

As you can see, you only have a few seconds to capture your reader's attention, so make that subject line count. If you would like some help creating powerful subject lines that will increase the sales of your dealership and help you sell more vehicles don't hesitate to contact the automotive marketing email experts at Turbo Marketing Solutions by calling: 1-800-262-0081


Lucie Gauvreau is the CEO and co-owner of Turbo Marketing Solutions. If you have questions you can contact her easily every day from 8am to 6pm EST at the head office.

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