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About Us

Turbo Marketing is a hardcore direct response automotive marketing company that believes that salesmanship sells cars; cars don't sell themselves. Our only philosophy is that RESULTS should RULE... that's it!!!

We will NEVER talk to you about spending money to build your brand or to get the name of your business "out there" with the hope that someone will remember you when the time comes to buy!


Hope doesn't pay the bills and surely doesn't justify spending more money in marketing.

Browse our site or call us directly at 1-800-262-0081 and discover firsthand how Turbo Marketing Direct Response Automotive Marketing Solutions can help your dealership generate tons of qualified prospects plus record-breaking sales and profits!

Give us 5 MINUTES and we will show you how to sell 20 MORE DEALS Next Month Using Our NEW AUTOMOTIVE PROGRAM!!!

Take  5 Minutes And Discover Our New Program.

What is your dealership doing right now to get fresh customers through the door?

If I could show you a new program that could help you get an extra 20 cars this month, would you think this would be worth 5 minutes of your time?

I’ll do even better. I’ll set up my stopwatch when we get on the phone, and if after 5 minutes you say: “Sean, it sucks!” I’ll hang up right away and never reach out again.

I know what I’m up against, you get tons of calls, emails, and ads offering you the next best thing after sliced bread. Like most car dealers, you’re probably crazy busy and don’t have a minute right? But here’s the thing: somebody will call you on the right day, at the right time, when you’re less busy; but it won’t be with the right program.

Let’s do this. Give me 5 minutes of your social media time; you’re probably going to spend 5 minutes watching a video on YouTube or Facebook sometime today right? So give me that 5 minutes, what do you have to lose?

20 to 30 cars have to be worth 5 minutes of your time right?

If you’re watching this between 7 am and 7 pm Eastern, don’t even bother clicking on the ad, just pick up the phone and give me a call. If you knew there were 20 cars attached to that 5-minute conversation, you would make it right?

If you prefer, I can also call you on a specific day and time. If that makes more sense to you, just click the link and tell me when so we can spend that 5 minutes together.

Come on, break your rules and give me an opportunity to show you something that can help you move an extra 20 units.

I know I have one shot with you, so I’m not going to fumble with the opportunity to work with your store.

Click the link now and let me show you this new opportunity to move cars for your store!