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The Future Of Automotive Digital Upgrade Events Is Now Here...

Forget About Traditional Automotive Upgrade Events Or Private Sales. It's Time You Discover The Power Of A Turbo Digital Event.


1.- Choose if you want to target your current customers, conquest for new business, or do a hybrid event.

Our Turbo automotive digital events can help you target your current customers for a loyalty event, conquest around your dealership for fresh new business, or take advantage of a hybrid event that will provide you with the best of both worlds.

Conquest or Loyalty.png
Campaign Banner.jpg

2.- Choose one of our tried and tested Turbo digital themes for your automotive digital upgrade event.

After doing over 5,000 automotive digital upgrade events for dealerships coast to coast, we had the chance to test and evolve the best ideas into powerful campaigns to help you get quality trade-ins, and sell inventory as you've never seen before.

3.- We will make sure you use only the best high-quality loyalty or conquest data possible to maximize your results.

We have access to CASL, CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliant conquest data and will make sure that your own dealership lists are clean of all duplicates or invalid data and scrub for any unsubscribed you might have from our global unsubscribe lists. 

Clean Data.png

4.- We will deploy your digital event on all platforms you have subscribed to.

Our team will send the email invitation, the SMS, the ringless voicemails, run the YouTube, Google or Facebook ads and manage the deployment with all data partners to ensure you get the best results possible and reach all your dealership's sales goals and objectives so you can focus on selling vehicles.

If the health crisis has left your dealership struggling with inventory levels, I might have a solution to help you quickly get your hands on the best quality preowned vehicles available at the moment!

I mean, it does look like the lack of new inventory situation will last for a while, and the pre-owned vehicles found at the auction are, for lack of better words and, to stay polite, quite crappy.

So, where are these preowned gems? Well, your current customers are driving them!

That’s why here at Turbo, we’ve come up with a few fun ways to approach your customers with the “we need your vehicle” message.

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