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Choose Your Next Campaign

Choose your campaign from our current library. As you can see from the banner on this page, the choice of themes is nearly unlimited. We literally created a few thousand campaigns for dealers just like you over the years. We've put a few links to our most popular active campaigns lower on this page. And if you have an idea for a custom campaign, simply call us to discuss your idea so we can help you create and launch it. 



InstaTrade Upgrade Event

Combine the power of a digital upgrade event to help your dealership acquire quality trade-ins with the popularity of Instagram. You sell vehicles you have in stock, get quality trades from customers and blow up social media accounts with new subscribers!


Match3&Trade Upgrade

As it gets more and more difficult to buy trades from vehicle owners around your dealership, you can yo the anty with the Match3&Trade campaign and combine the power of a great offer for trades with the pleasure of our Match3&Trade online game.




Quest For Trades Upgrade

If your dealership's sales team is good with off-make conquest leads this is the lead generation monster you've been dreaming about!


You can use it with a promotional video or in full conquest mode capturing leads from vehicle shoppers of all makes around your dealership.


Spin To Win Upgrade Event

If you’re looking to increase your sales this month with an agile digital marketing campaign that provides you both a very straightforward upgrade message AND an exciting hook to get quality leads, I think you will love my new Spin The Wheel Upgrade campaign.


Watch this video to get an overview: 



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AutoMax Millions Upgrade

Get ready to sell some cars with this new baby in the Turbo family! This is our follow-up campaign to the massively successful Auto 6/49 campaign which generated over 400,000 leads for our dealers last year.


Play&Trade Upgrade Event

If you're looking for an exponential ROI on your investment and need to make sure to get an instant reaction from potential prospects... Play & Trade is an absolute no-brainer!




Collect&Win Upgrade Event

Perfect for non-intenders and conquest vehicle shoppers! This mouse-trap captures leads from prospects outside of your database and let's them browse through your showroom to uncover the "secret vehicle" to find their Buy&Save voucher and let's them interact with vehicle appraisers to find their ScratchToTrade voucher


24hrs 123 Snap Campaign

Imagine if you could reach your customers by email with a personal video, follow up with a text message a few hours later and finally, leave them a nice voicemail to invite them to your dealership this weekend...


Watch these "how-to" video for more details:




All-Season/Summer Tire + Spring Maintenance

Need to sell some tires and some spring maintenance? Look no further than our record-breaking All-Season/Summer Tire + SPring Maintenance Event... dealers who try it once do it over and over again year after year because NOTHING sells more rubber and spring maintenance than this little monster!!! Don't get fooled by its simplicity... you better buckle up for some SERIOUS TRACTION!!!


"The Real" Black Friday 

Don't bet your Black Friday season on another boring, bland, middle of the road Black Friday Event...


...this year choose to be "The Real" Black Friday Event in town with:

  • $50,000 cash prize

  • Two 5-Day Cruises for 2

  • $1,000,000 in Trade-in Cash

  • Free Black Friday Heroes game for registrants


(and we're paying for all these so all you'll have to support are your manufacturer's incentives and a small $500 Business Office Voucher giving prospects a $300 credit on an extended warranty and $200 on a rust proofing or appearance package)




Holiday Upgrade Extravaganza

What's you plan to beat Santa Clause during the holiday season? I'm not joking; he's a tough character to go against if you're planning to cut through the Holiday noise he's making in December.

This is digital psychology at it's very best... and the $50,000 cash prize insurance premium for the Boxing Week Shopping Extravaganza is paid by us so you have no additional incentives or giveaway to support.


New Year Cashback Upgrade

As you already know, January is a tough month for automotive sales… people are still trying to make their way out of the overspend of the Holidays, consumers are trying to make sense of their credit card bills at an all-time high, days are still too short, weather is unpredictable, cash is low… and well, you’re trying to sell some cars to these people! 




"Live" Auto Auction Upgrade

If your dealership uses a "live" auction tool like eBloack, PowerBand or TradeRev to provide potential vehicle shoppers a transparent, fun and interactive trade appraisal experience this campaign is for you!


The videos are setting the stage in an engaging way and emotionally charging active and non-active vehicle shoppers with the excitement of the experience and the potential of getting an above market valuation for their current vehicle by accessing 100s of buyers and wholesalers from coast-to-coast.


Escape Plan Upgrade

Most vehicle owners feel trapped and stuck with the vehicle they are driving now... HELP THEM ESCAPE with this brand new and exciting campaign. Give them the chance to break free from their current payments, the ability to walk away from their existing vehicle with the maximum amount of money possible to compensate for its value, and give them a JUMP START BUNDLE that will provide them with thousands of dollars in additional potential savings they could apply towards their next new vehicle!




The Choice Automotive Upgrade

Welcome to “The Choice,” a brand new automotive upgrade challenge event that gives ALL the power to your customers and prospects and rewards them with an activation gift that could be worth up to thousands of dollars in potential savings if they make the choice of playing along.

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