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Car Dealership And Automotive Professionals:

Learn How To Use AI To Prepare For And Survive The End Of Inventory (VDP) Marketing

If you don’t adapt urgently to the change and shift your dealership’s marketing strategy from inventory marketing (VDP) to AI customer-driven experiences (CDX), you will have little to no chance of survival...

This is a critical warning for all dealerships and automotive professionals operating worldwide:


You need to throw out the window almost everything you know about automotive marketing using inventory and VDPs and learn AI marketing if you want to avoid the storm that has already hit the automotive industry and survive the massive undercurrent that’s about to swallow most car dealerships.

1.- The Erosion Of the VDP Marketing Era...

For the last two decades, dealers have mastered the art of bringing their inventory online. It was the age of inventory or VDP* marketing.

The marching orders were simple: upload your inventory to the Web so potential prospects can find your vehicles and drive the clicks to the VDPs so you can turn Website visitors into leads and opportunities to sell your in-stock vehicles.

VDP Flywheel - Canvas.jpg

2.- Replacing Your Dealership’s Previous Digital Footprint With A Permanent Content Strategy...

All you need to do is replace what your inventory used to do online with permanent content pieces, which is content that will get indexed by Google and remain online and drive traffic to your dealership’s Website for years to come.

I call the strategy Educational Scaling because you are scaling your digital footprint with content that will educate prospects about the wonderful reasons why they should buy from your dealership.

Educational Scaling Strategy - Canvas.jpg

3.- “In-Market” Vehicle Shoppers And Selling Pre-Orders – A Guaranteed Fiasco...

Your automotive marketing efforts should focus on prospects at the top, mid-funnel, or even better, prospects who are not yet in the market for a vehicle.

These prospects can wait for a vehicle to be built to their exact specifications and won’t “need” to jump ship and buy from your competitors because of their urgent transportation replacement needs.

Reverse Funnel Targeting Method - Canvas.jpg

4.- The Critical Need For Long-Term Follow-up And Nurturing Processes...

Follow-up has rarely been any dealership’s strength or specialty. Some might have a few tools, such as a CRM, email rapid response or text message (SMS) automation but nothing that could stand the road if they wanted (scratch that) needed to nurture leads and follow up with interested prospects over many months.

Relentless Nurturing System - Canvas.jpg

5.- Making The Switch From VDP Marketing To CDX Marketing...

We’d be happy to provide you with the roadmap to set this new flywheel at your dealership and help you grow your sales by attracting the ideal prospects.

Simply reach out to our team by clicking here and requesting your mapping session.

We’ll show you how easy it is to launch your Educational Scaling content strategy, reach the perfect customers using our Reverse Funnel Targeting method, and replace your clumsy follow-up processes with our Relentless Nurturing system.

Customer Driven Experience CDX Marketing - Canvas.jpg

The foundation of our industry is built on its ability to grow by attracting customers using inventory and VDPs; unfortunately, that way of marketing is about to become obsolete.

This warning is not a doomsday prophecy or a clickbait hook to get your attention. If you’ve seen any of my previous content, you know I am way more on the optimistic side of the spectrum than prone to share negativity and promote fearmongering.

But this is serious.



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