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Grow Your Dealership's Sales and Profits Today With AI

Discover the Power of ChatGPT AI Assistants for Real-Time Sales and Service Lead Generation, Dynamic Interactions and Inventory Recommendations!

Welcome to the future of car dealership management! In an era where technology and customer expectations are rapidly evolving, staying ahead is key to your dealership's success.


Our cutting-edge ChatGPT AI Assistants are here to revolutionize how you engage with customers and manage your inventory. Tailored to meet the unique needs of car dealerships, these assistants offer real-time, dynamic interactions and personalized service that will not only enhance your sales but also redefine your customer's experience.


Dive into our brochure to explore how our AI Assistants can transform your dealership into a high-efficiency, customer-centric powerhouse.

ChatGPT AI Assistants for Car Dealerships Overview

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Personalized Recommendations

Listen to the User

The assistant first listens to and analyzes the user's detailed specifications.

Gives Two Recommendations

The assistant gives a primary and secondary recommendation from your lineup based on the user's desired features and capabilities.

Pulls Data From Website

These suggestions are displayed as dynamic recommendation cards with links to their corresponding website pages.

iPhone mockup - Personalized recommendation.png

Vehicle Comparisons


Compares Any Two Vehicles

The assistant highlights the differences between any two vehicles, comparing key features and capabilities.

Intelligently References Competitors

Competitor models can be highlighted and compared, but your own models will always be found in favor.

Acts as Your Salesperson

The AI Assistant acts as your persuasive salesperson, always promoting your product over others in an unbiased way.

iPhone mockup - Vehicle Comparison.png

Gives Real-Time Directions

Displays Live Map Preview

When asked for directions, the AI assistant pulls up a real-time map via integration with Google Maps.

Detects the User's Location

It then gives the user directions from their current location to your dealership.

Gives the Best Current Route

The AI assistant shows the user the fastest route to your dealership based on current traffic.

iPhone mockup - Live Directions.png

Recommendations Based On Budget


Filter by Price Range

The user can choose from multiple price range categories or give a budget to the assistant directly.

Provides Multiple Suggestions

The Ai assistant gives 3-5 recommendations, followed by a link to explore more options within that price range on the website.

Direct Links to the Website

When the user clicks on one of the options, it takes them to that vehicle's page, where they can see more details about it.

iPhone mockup - Dynamic recommendations (budget).png

Recommendations Based On Features

Search by Feature

The user can specify a unique feature they're looking for in a vehicle.

Up to Three Recommendations

Depending on how many are available with that feature, the assistant will generate up to 3 vehicle suggestions that contain that specific feature.

Dynamic Products Cards

The user can click on any of the suggested vehicles, which takes them to that page on the website.

iPhone mockup - Shop by feature.png

Advanced Data Collection


Captures Contact Information

Lead information is captured, and important fields are asked for until they are all collected.

Info Verification

The user has the opportunity to fix typos, adding an extra layer of verification and ensuring quality leads.

Your Leads, Your Way

Lead information can be exported in ADF/XML format and integrated into your own CRM system or any database with API access.

iPhone mockup - Advanced Data Collection.png

Service Appointments

Variety of Service Appointment Types

The user can choose from various appointment types based on their needs.

Day & Time Capture

The user has the opportunity to specify a day of the week or time of day that works best.

Immediate Confirmation

Within minutes, you'll receive the lead information, so a service advisor can immediately contact them to confirm the booking.

iPhone mockup - Service appointment.png

Sales Appointments


Customizable Options

Offer appointment options that are most relevant to your dealership, such as credit assessments or trade-in appraisals.

Detailed Lead Capture

It captures the user's name, contact information, appointment type and desired booking time.

A Channel of Warm Leads

Let your AI assistant do the work and gain a stream of warm leads that are ready to convert.

iPhone mockup - Sales appointment.png

Test Drives

Vehicle Information Capture

The Ai assistant captures detailed information about the model and year the user would like to test drive.

Quality Lead Information

With detailed contact information, plus a desired day of the week and time of day, your sales team can effectively follow up with the lead to confirm the booking.

Exported in ADF Format

Incoming leads can seamlessly land in your CRM, formatted in a language your system understands.

iPhone mockup - Test drive.png

Examples of Intelligent Responses

iPhone mockup - Random question 4.png
iPhone mockup - Random question 1.png
iPhone mockup - Random question 3.png
iPhone mockup - Random question 2.png

Your Personalized Dashboard


View Analytics

Track interactions, engagement rates and more with your own dedicated analytics dashboard.

Track Conversations

Monitor conversations and gain valuable insights about customer behavior.

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Save time

An Ai virtual assistant acts as a full-time salesperson, freeing up valuable time for you and your employees.

Offer 24/7 Support

A ChatGPT-powered AI assistant doesn't need sleep - it handles multiple conversations at once, at any time of the day.

Ensure Consistency:

Automated responses reduce the risk of human error, ensuring information is accurate and consistent.

Offer 24/7 Support

An Ai-powered assistant provides a steady stream of warm leads who are ready for the next step.

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