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The World's Most Advanced
Automotive Marketing

Artificial Intelligence Technology To Help You Conquest New Customers For All Your Dealership's Departments.

1.- Target potential prospects before your competitors.

Use our AI-driven targeting technology to start the conversation with vehicle shoppers or service customers the second they show Google or Facebook signs of entering the shopping cycle and way before your competitors.

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2.- Create thousands of ads in seconds across all platforms.

Let our AI turn your Website's content into thousands of ads pushed across Google Search, the Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace and all the properties of the Facebook stack to reach more quality prospects everywhere.

3.- Make thousands of optimization changes daily to all your online ads 24/7.

Our AI will optimize your ad ecosystem to make sure only the winning ads remain and every penny of your budget is maximized to get you quality leads for units you have in stock or the ones coming from the plant for pre-orders.

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4.- Target hundreds of thousands of automotive keywords.

Let our AI investigate for your dealership all potential automotive keywords available for every brand, every model, every type of vehicle to make sure prospects shopping your competitors are aware of your inventory and services.

5.- Validate the quality of the traffic sent by Google and Facebook.

Our AI will validate the quality of the traffic sent by Google and Facebook to make sure your budget is only spent on the best possible traffic all while offering visitors dynamic call to actions to make sure they turn into meaningful conversation with your sales team.

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6.- Dynamically retarget vehicle shoppers throughout the funnel to make sure they buy from you.

Let our AI create a unique and customized customer value journey for all your website visitors using language and images that are relevant as they more through every stage of the shopping cycle so you can close more deals.

If you’re part of a dealership’s management or marketing team and you’re looking for creative ways to grow your sales while navigating the inventory challenges caused by the aftermath of the health crisis, I have great news for you!

I found a Terminator-style AI technology that we can plug on your dealership’s Website and that will find for your store, within hours of going “live,” the perfect buyers for the units you have in stock.


It will even find you buyers ready to pull the trigger now on vehicles coming from the manufacturing plant and help you capture quality trade-ins to grow the sales of your used car department until the new car inventory shortage subsides.


All that while keeping your service and parts department functioning at full capacity!

The World Has Changed...
Is Your Dealership Ready?

Let Our Artificial Intelligence Technology Bring Your Dealership Into The Future Of Selling Cars And Fixed Operations Services.

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