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You Choose The Vehicles - You Choose The Incentives - Get Your Videos in 48 Hours or Less!!!

9 out of 10 in-market vehicle shoppers watch videos before purchasing a vehicle while only 7 out of 10 use Search; and 69% of people who used YouTube while shopping for a car were influenced by it – more than TV, newspapers, or magazines!

Generic is now a thing of the past here at Turbo! We now have the ability to produce custom offer videos that will focus on the models, prices, payments, bonuses, and rebates you want! And more importantly, do it in 48 hours or less!

Yes, you can now choose up to 4 custom offers and feature the vehicles and incentives that are important to your objectives this month; even if they are exclusive to your dealership, and unavailable anywhere else. We wanted to make sure you could be out there conquesting faster than your competitors can blink!

Your four custom offers will be edited in a beautifully designed video, for which extensive testing was done, to obtain the ultimate look & feel, so that you can have the maximum impact and generate the maximum amount of new business for your store.

The video will then be added to your campaign’s micro-site and uploaded to your YouTube channel so we can run the YouTube conquest ads targeting vehicle shoppers around your dealership.​

You will also have the option to choose two of the four custom offers, and spin them off as two additional videos targeting specific segment in your market.


For example, we could single out a truck and a crossover special and create two more videos featuring those models and offers, and position them as ads on YouTube against competing brands to help you make the shortlist of prospective buyers for pennies.

How cool is that! Four custom offers, in one or three videos, in 48 hours or less. ​We also have custom offer packages for your special finance or fixed operations departments.​

You can call us at Turbo Marketing Solutions if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss further:

1 800 262-0081

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Automotive Marketing can be a daunting task so don't hesitate to reach out if you require some assistance. We are here to help! 

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