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  • Sean Cassy

Car Dealership Community and Social Media Manager Job Descriptions

If you have already set up your social media accounts, are you happy with the results you are seeing from these platforms? If not, you might have the wrong person in the wrong job.

The jobs of Community Manager and Social Media Manager are different, and if confused, you may end up with inadequate results. While it is possible to combine the two jobs in a smaller dealership, a larger dealership needs to fill both positions.

Their audience defines the two jobs:

  • A Community Manager speaks to your community.

  • A Social Media Manager speaks on your behalf to prospects.

The Community Manager

The Community Manager is in charge of facilitating the conversation between the members of your community. Keep in mind that if you set up your "community" as a promotional tool only, then this is not going to foster a social atmosphere.

The best way to set up a community is to make it about your audience and not about you. That way, you will attract prospects who will participate in the discussions.

If your dealership sells cars that have a long history like Ford or Chevy, your community could be set up to attract fans of those cars. Car collectors or memorabilia collectors make great community members.

Your community members will be people who like you, your dealership and your cars. They consider you the authority on those subjects and are interested in what you have to say about them.

The Community Manager creates a healthy environment where members feel free to have discussions. They do not write the marketing messages; they are there to guide the conversation.

They welcome new members, establish community culture, moderate content, add and remove members, offer member support and get community feedback. They also initiate conversations when needed and keep the community free from negativity.

They help to develop content that builds relationships and host events both online and offline. An offline event could include your sponsorship of a classic car show, a picnic lunch or baseball game.

They are your dealership's ambassador.

The Social Media Manager

The Social Media manager is responsible for creating and distributing content that connects with your prospects.

They are responsible for:

  • Listening - They monitor reputation and customer service net-wide and respond.

  • Influencing - Through content, they establish your dealership as an authority on your vehicles.

  • Networking - They search out and connect with other influential partners on the web.

  • Sales - They generate leads and sales from prospects and previous customers on the web.

Their job is to create or repurpose content like blog posts, graphics, charts or videos that help establish you as an authority.

For example, they may produce a test drive video using one of your sales staff. You get an instant local celebrity and become a local authority on your make and model. Once the video is posted on your blog, it is then shared on Twitter and Facebook where your Community Manager starts a discussion.

Additionally, they monitor the web and address any customer complaints or bad reviews immediately.

They build goodwill and share content with your audience and are authorized to share offers like free oil changes or money off coupons when applicable.

Knowing the Difference Pays Off

When you know the difference between the two positions, it is easier to set expectations and goals for your managers. This helps them plan strategies and avoid burnout from trying to do the wrong job.

When the responsibilities are well defined, it is easier to determine your platform's ROI and gauge job performance.

By putting the right person in the right job, your community and your sales will grow.

If you would like to know more about how to leverage your Community and Social Media Managers to increase the sales of your dealership don’t hesitate to contact our team of automotive marketing Community and Social Media experts at Turbo Marketing by call us 1-800-262-0081.


Sean Cassy is co-owner and the automotive digital marketing strategist at Turbo Marketing. You can contact him here by email or reach him from 8am-6pm every weekday at Turbo Marketing Solutions.

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