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  • Sean Cassy

Let Automotive Artificial Intelligence Marketing Find Your Ideal Digital Conquest Prospects So Your

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly making its way into many aspects of our digital lives like the recommendations and suggestions you get on Netflix, Under Armour or Amazon when looking at specific movies, books or products. Google openly admits using AI systems to interpret search queries to be better prepared for voice search, and credit card companies use it to identify and prevent fraud and data breaches. There are even certain Website design companies that use it to automate Web design effectively for their users.

So we shouldn’t be too surprised as automotive professionals to see AI introduced to automotive marketing. In fact, we should be relieved to know that we are finally at a point in time when we can leave the digital ad placement to machine learning, so we can focus solely on creating exciting content that engages prospects and close more deals.

New Words, Simple Concepts, Total Domination

Now don’t worry, this blog is not about a bunch of big words and complex technobabble. Yes, there are a few words we have to add to our vocabulary to be able to communicate the new ideas and possibilities, but the concepts are simple and will help your dealership dominate your trade area in every digital media.

Think Of AI as an FBI Profiler Working For Your Dealership

The best way to describe the way we use AI at Turbo Marketing for our dealers is to think about it as an FBI profiler; you know those brainy investigators that can figure out the profile of a suspect based on his behavior? In the case automotive AI marketing, we use available algorithms to profile your ideal digital prospects by analyzing the past and present behaviors of these four targets:

  1. Existing Customer Profiling

  2. Competitors Website Visitor Profiling

  3. Current In-Market Vehicle Shopper Profiling

  4. Conversion Data Profiling

We call it our Automotive AI 4x4 Profiling Package. Let me explain.

Existing Customer Profiling: Figuring Your Customer Avatar

The idea behind profiling the online behaviors of your existing customers is a no brainer. This step allows the AI to discover who are the people who have been purchasing vehicles from you and find clones, or highly similar people living around your dealership, that are most likely to be an excellent target for the campaigns we create for you.

This strategy will display your ads in front of all these ideal prospects and your existing customers everywhere on Facebook and all the Website for whom Google AdSense serves ads, which is probably 90% of the Websites your customers are visiting. Imagine reaching all these people every day without ever having to send an email or text message to the people in your database.

Competitors Website Visitor Profiling: Grabbing Other Dealers’ Business

Our goal behind profiling your competitor’s Website traffic is also pretty straightforward. If these people have visited your competitor’s Websites because the have purchased or are thinking of purchasing a vehicle from your competitors, there’s a good chance that they might also be ideal targets for the campaign we created for your dealership. In addition, just like with existing customer profiling, the

will also look for other people who are highly similar to your competitor’s Website visitors.

This profiling will allow us to display your campaign ads throughout the promotion everywhere on over 14 million sites to your competitor’s Website traffic and people who are highly similar living around your store, just like with our first type of profiling.

Current In-Market Vehicle Shoppers: It Just Makes Sense

Now that we have your customers, your competitor’s Website traffic and everybody who shares similarities with these individuals profiled and ready to serve ads to, why not let the AI also find everybody who is shopping for a new or used vehicle or automotive financing?

Reaching everybody around your dealership who has been digitally profiled and identified as a vehicle shopper or automotive finance seeker is also, in my humble opinion a no-brainer; and we’re not talking about bidding for expensive keywords here, but letting the AI find the ideal digital profiles. We can be as broad or as specific as we want and we can focus on the profiles of people shopping for specific makes, models, types of vehicles or credit.

Conversion Data Profiling: The Ultimate Profile

Conversion data sounds like a big scary word, but don’t worry, it’s simply a reference to the profile of the people who have completed the Web form in the sales funnel. These people might have visited the site after receiving a car flyer, after seeing your ads on Facebook or the Internet, and decided to answer your call for action by leaving you their contact and trade information in exchange for the lead magnet. These people are your ideal prospect, and it’s important to leverage AI to find more people like these.

Automotive Marketing AI Also Applied To Your Video Campaigns

Now that we are profiling and targeting for you with our ads every potential target on Facebook and the Web, a good strategy is to apply the same AI tools to YouTube, the second largest search engine on the planet.

That’s why we also leverage for you YouTube’s interest based profiling using the videos we created for you and uploaded to your channel. We use these to target for you vehicle shoppers by make, model, type or specific behavior and help you dominate different digital profiles for a few days. One of Sean’s favorite tactics is to serve ads seven or eight times a day to a viewer just like radio remotes used to do it a decade ago when they helped car dealers dominate the airwaves.

This video strategy will also benefit you in the long run by adding thousands of views to your videos in your YouTube channel. Remember that Google owns YouTube, so a popular channel will provide you with an increased authority on Google as the dominant automotive player in your area.

Social Media Domination: A Social Presence That Matches Your Ads

If you’re going to dominate the Web with your ads by using the powerful AI technologies we discussed, it’s important to make sure your different social media profiles are also “decorated” with artwork and assets similar to your ads. That’s why we provide you with our Social Domination Artwork Package. We want you to be able to Tweet the campaign, post it on Instagram, make multiple posts on your Facebook feed and dominate the home page of your main Website with a banner that can easily point people to your sales funnel, all with attractive artwork that works hand-in-hand with your campaign. This will help you visually dominate the Web around your dealership and dominate the digital life of every potential prospect around your dealership!

People Have Busy Lives: Make Sure To Track Down Missed Opportunities

It’s important to remember that people have crazy lives, so we make sure you have in place the best tools to track down all visitors to the sales funnel who haven’t taken the bait and converted as a lead. These prospects might have been interested in your offer when they saw your ads, but maybe they were at work or another place where it was inconvenient for them to complete the Webform.

We make sure our GPS tracking technology track these people for you everywhere on the Web and Facebook to remind them of your offer and make sure they convert as a lead so we can have the AI analyze their profile and find more people like them.

The noise level on the Internet is so high today that it’s not enough to be everywhere a little bit. You need to work with partners that can help you leverage machine learning and AI so you can be in front of the right people all the time.

Why be content with omnipresence when you can choose total domination!


Sean Cassy is the digital marketing specialist and co-owner of Turbo Marketing Solutions. You can contact him by email here or reach him by phone every weekday at Turbo Marketing’s head office.

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