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  • Lucie Gauvreau

Getting Conquest Automotive Leads For Your Dealership is Like Fishing

If you have ever been fishing, you know how satisfying it is to feel the tug on the line and then set the hook.

You do not fish for marlin with a cane pole and an earthworm, so why would you fish for your ideal customer using inadequate bait? Just like spending a day on the water with no fish in your bucket, talking to people and not making sales is frustrating.

Let us change how you fish by asking these four questions:

1. Who are the people you really want as customers?

2. Where can you find them?

3. What turns their head?

4. What do you want to give them?

You must ask these questions with every model that you want to sell because, like fish, different car models require different bait.

Not counting the dealership walk-ins, how are you going to get the leads you need to sell cars?

Scenario #1

You have a fully loaded 4x4 extra cab pickup truck that you want to sell.

Who would love this truck? Guys with boats? Women with kids? Either one would love a 4x4 truck, but guys with boats would probably be the most fun to work with because it is a natural fit.

Where are these guys with boats? They are at the local sporting good shop looking at fishing equipment or boat motors. They are reading boat magazines or getting bait at the local bait shop. They are also having breakfast at local diners and having a beer at the local pub.

What turns their head? Now that you know whom and where they are, what attracts them? This is an easy question to answer. They need towing power.

What are you going to give them? The answer to this question cannot be found in something physical like a truck, but something emotional that enhances their lives. If they have a powerful 4x4 truck that puts their boat in the water, they get a day out on the water without a care in the world other than how many fish they can pull into their boat. You are giving them relaxation and the thrill of catching fish.

This is your ideal customer because they will immediately recognize the benefits of this truck on their lives. They will be able to get a bigger boat, which equates to more fishing spots, more time on the water away from work, more friends and more fish.

Here is how to get the attention of these potential customers. You look for the places that the sporting goods shops, local restaurants, bars and bait shops advertise and follow suit. This might be the community Website, local fishing reports on the radio or online or other online fishing communities and message boards. You could even sponsor a fishing tournament or use Facebook or AdWords’ targeting to zoom-in on these prospects.

While your competitors are fighting for expensive automotive related keywords, you are paying pennies targeting the same prospects but in a less expensive environment where the competition for keywords is less expensive!

Scenario #2

You have a standard equipped basic sedan in stock that you want to sell.

It is fuel-efficient, has basic power equipment, has comfortable cloth seats and floor mats.

Who would like this vehicle? A young family or young professional who needs an economical car for basic transportation that cleans up easily.

Where can you find these people? School events, parks, family restaurants, theme parks and other places where kids are welcome. The young professional may be in trendy bars, restaurants or other places where they can socialize. Again, follow the advertisers.

What turns their head? For either prospect, it is saving money. Fuel efficiency, rebates, finance deals, depreciation value or any other way that you can help them save money will be attractive to them. The vehicle must be budget-friendly while being an attractive, reliable car.

What are you going to give them? You are going to help protect their financial security and give them the freedom to enjoy their family and friends.

When planning your advertising, always focus your message on the features that turn their heads. When you fish for leads with the right bait, you will have a lot of fun writing up the deals.

If you need help figuring out the answers to the four basic questions, don’t hesitate to call the automotive digital marketing specialists at Turbo Marketing Solutions every weekday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST. We will gladly help you fish with the right bait in the right places for more prospects!

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