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  • Sean Cassy

How to Use Dynamically Personalized Videos To Increase the Sales And Profits of All Your Dealership’

Today I’m going to blow your mind with a new technology Turbo acquired that will allow you to send individually personalized videos, customized with your customer data or prospects Facebook profile information for conquest initiatives.

WARNING: Please don’t read to this blog half-distracted because this is a game changer for your dealership.

Well, it’s no secret that video should be a critical component of your dealership’s content marketing strategy. With YouTube now being the second largest search engine marketing on the Web with one billion users and video quickly becoming the key means people use to satisfy their need for information, you would be crazy not to use video marketing as a front-running tactic to help increase the sales of all your dealership’s departments.

But did you know that videos can now be dynamically personalized?

Yes, you can now send existing customers or prospects videos individually personalized with their name, the year make and model of their vehicle, or any other piece of data from your DMS or prospects Facebook profile, so the video they view is perfectly aligned with their preferences and specific needs. Best of all, the dynamic personalization is instant, with no rendering wait time for the viewer. We call it .

Imagine sending an upgrade video featuring your manufacturer’s incentive and referencing the prospects trade, exact payment, and the specific promotions on the latest version of the model he or she owns. How powerful do you think your next upgrade event could be?

Imagine sending a service video and referencing the customer’s vehicle, its mileage, the date of the customer’s last visit in service and the next recommended maintenance scheduled. How much traction do you think your service department would enjoy from your marketing efforts?

Imagine sending a tire promotion video with the exact price and specials on the precise tire size they need. Can you imagine the quality of the leads you would generate with individualized video messages and call to action?

Personalize your videos with the information on your prospects public Facebook profile.

Now just to be clear, each video wouldn’t have to be individually customized. Just like when you send an email campaign to multiple customers using merge fields that get populated with the information from your DMS, you would send only one video, but each person viewing it would see a different version based on your data for existing customers, or prospects Facebook profile information for conquest initiatives.

Yes, you read correctly. Videos can also be customized with the name of the prospect, their city, their profile image or any other data found on their Facebook public profile. How fruitful do you think your next upgrade could be if we could individually personalize every single Facebook ad people would view for your event?

Turbo Video Dynamix can be used to personalize custom videos created specifically for your dealership, your manufacturer’s incentive, or an event; but it can also be used to personalize any video you find on YouTube.

Because our technology is not re-rendering the video and creating a new copy, but simply layering your information on top of the existing video, you can grab any video you find useful on YouTube, and we can add your personalized information and send the individual versions to your customers.

You could use the Turbo Video Dynamix technology with the big production videos your manufacturer produces and places in their YouTube channel. You could also use it with information-rich videos you find about the relevance of performing certain maintenance, the replacement of certain parts, or the importance of winter tires, for example, and we can add your name, your phone number, the logo of your dealership and even a clickable URL.

Yes, we can even add clickable URL that will lead prospects to different landing pages based on their preferences and needs. Now you’re not only personalizing the messaging, but also the whole experience of the prospect, which could lead to higher conversions, more sales, and more profits for your dealership; and a higher level of engagement and satisfaction for potential customers.

Curious to see it in action? Get ready to be blown away!

If you’re curious to see a few examples, give me a call or shoot me an email here at Turbo Marketing Solutions. You can also use the opportunity to discuss your dealership’s next marketing campaign. Whether you’re thinking of increasing the sales of your new, pre-owned, service, parts or other departments, sending individually personalized videos is guaranteed to provide you with an immediate palatable lift that will put an instant smile on your face.

And don’t get scared by the investment, the Turbo Video Dynamix personalization technology can send an unlimited amount of videos to as many people as you need for the small price of one dynamic video campaign. That alone should make you want to personalize all your video marketing efforts moving forward.

Gone are the days of bland generic messaging to the masses. Embrace the future of individually personalized videos that will provide your prospects a custom experience tailored to their wants and needs and that will blow-up the profits of all your departments.


Sean Cassy is the Digital Marketing Specialist and Co-Owner of Turbo Marketing Solutions. You can contact him by email here or reach him by phone every weekday at Turbo Marketing’s head office.

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