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  • Sean Cassy

How Car Dealerships Can Plan Ahead For The Most Successful Year-End Sales Event

I’m not sure what’s on your radar this fall to sell cars and crush your goals, but here at Turbo, we have a few ideas to help you make the most of the next few months so you can experience your best year ever!

Let’s start with my personal favourite, our Quest For Trades. If you’re like more and more dealers we talk to, and your focus is on growing your sales from conquest customers, aka people outside of your current database, you have to try our Quest For Trades program.

Actually, I shouldn’t say program. I should say brand!

I say that because our Quest For Trades has been designed by Sean Cassy to be more than a lead monster to help you generate a hundred more leads in a few days; the brand has been built from the ground up to help position your dealership as the trade-in centre in your market.

Look, if you’re a franchise dealer, you’re most obviously known for the manufacturer you represent and the brands you sell. If you’re an independent pre-owned dealer, you’re probably known in your market for selling a niche of pre-owned vehicles like imports, luxury, or trucks. And if you’re a special finance dealer, you’re known for your ability to get people with so-so credit approved.

We felt there was an opportunity for you to position your store as the dealer who pays aggressively for trades of all makes. What a great way to start talking to people who might have never considered a visit to your store!

We start the all-out branding attack with the digital version of the campaign including YouTube video ads, Facebook ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, Emails, SMS, and a huge blitzkrieg on social media; and follow it up with conquest ringless voicemails, real calls and a powerful direct mail piece that will help you strategically “farm” your market for the best possible prospects.

You’ll be blown away by the tool we have to help you drill down to find the prospects with the ideal income, type of residence, home value, and other demographics; it’s mind-blowing!

If you have never viewed the whole Quest For Trades program, you owe it to yourself and your team to grab Sean’s Conquest Roadmap and get all the free conquest tools we created for you. Include with these is a full presentation of the program. If it’s your plan to dominate the trade-in “game” in your marketplace, you’re in for a feast when you see all the tactics that are included.

Now if you’ve done the Quest for Trades or you’re simply looking for a new angle to refresh the upgrade message I recommend the Escape Plan or The Choice Upgrade Event. Both are fun, visually appealing for prospects, are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of viewers and get you more leads than you can probably handle. With the return of The Voice this fall and all the buzz around the primetime show, I have a slight preference for The Choice, but the ads on Facebook are crazy for the Escape Plan.

Look at them; how could you “not” notice these in your newsfeed?

Quick heads up, if you haven’t yet, make sure to book your November Black Friday and December Boxing Month Event right now. If you have run a Black Friday or Boxing Week event in the past with Turbo, then you know that Sean goes crazy with the fun concepts he creates to make sure your store pierces through the noise level and generates record-breaking results for the season.

If you want to be part of the excitement, make sure to block your spot now because places are limited and already filling up quite fast. And like all Turbo tools, these events are exclusive and can only be the pride and joy of one dealer per market.

Just shoot us an email, and you’ll be good to go!

Until then, make sure to click the link to grab your automotive conquest roadmap; and like I like to say: Let’s sell some cars!


Sean Cassy is the Digital Marketing Specialist and Co-Owner of Turbo Marketing Solutions. You can contact him by email here or reach him by phone every weekday at Turbo Marketing’s head office

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