How To Combine Conquest Data and Ringless Voicemails To Sell More Cars Around Your Dealership

If you’re constantly on the lookout for creative and inexpensive ways to reach conquest vehicle owners and shoppers around your dealership, you’re going to love this article.

Here’s why:

I found a way to combine two powerful marketing components that you’re probably familiar with, but in an unusual way that produces surprising, and more importantly, instant leads and results for our dealers.

Now I’ll be upfront with you. This solution is not for everybody. Your team needs to be on-the-ball with phone-ups because your phone is going to blow up with inbound calls from vehicle owners around your dealership wanting a trade appraisal.

You also need to be aware that since we’re targeting conquest data with this tactic, the people calling back won’t be like existing customers who know you, love you and trust you. They will be curious and interested, but you will need to win their trust over the phone before you can book the appointment.

If you can’t handle the calls and appraisals from conquest prospects, this might not be for you. But if you can, get ready to put some deals together!

Let Me Show You Under The Hood

The two pillars of the solution are simple: we’re using conquest data and ringless voicemails.

As you can see, the components are quite unglamorous; but don’t make the mistake of confusing unglamorous with unsophisticated.

All data is not created equal, and there is such a thing as a bad ringless voicemail message.

Many things can go wrong here, so we need to make sure you have access to quality data, a state of the art ringless voicemail technology, and finally, a voicemail message that tailors to conquest vehicle owners who haven’t purchased from you yet.

Using The Right Conquest Data

You don’t want to be sending your invitation to the wrong audience.

Just like it’s important to target the right prospects with the right offer when doing ads online, you need to find the right people around your dealership to target with your voicemail.

If you’re a luxury dealership, you want to target people with the proper household income, home valuation, etc. The same thing applies if you’re at the other end of the spectrum and you’re a special finance dealer targeting credit-challenged customers.

Now I’m not talking here about traditional non-addressed direct mail targeting tactics where you blanket certain areas around your dealership that are “known” to have a higher than average concentration of individuals fitting the required characteristics.

You want to have access to data that will allow you to target individual prospects based on the attributes you are looking for. There might be clusters of these prospects in certain areas, but you want to make sure the data allows you to single out people within a geographical area and not only zones.

That’s critical.

Recording The Right Message

There are a few important things to keep in mind at this stage:

1) The prospects you’re targeting don’t know you. They might know “of” your store, but they didn’t get to experience your dealership yet.

> This one is pretty easy to solve. Just acknowledge the fact that you realise they are probably not one of your customers from the getgo and present yourself, the dealership, and the reason you are calling in the first part of the message.

I also like to help potential prospect visualise where your dealership is located in town by associating your store with a nearby known landmark.

2) Statistically, 91-93% of the prospects you will be targeting are NOT currently in the market to buy a vehicle.

> Now you might think of this as an obstacle, but it is, in fact, the biggest asset of the conquest campaign. As you might be aware, here at Turbo Marketing Solutions, marketing to non-intenders is one of the three core principals of our automotive marketing philosophy.

The reason is simple. We believe everybody 18-88 would upgrade their vehicle for something bigger, better, faster, more fuel-efficient or electric, with more cargo space, more technology, more safety features… or whatever more they want. They just don’t know they can.

If you have listened to the video I did with Mike on selling cars to non-intenders, you know that what’s stopping non-intenders is their perception of one or a combination of these five sticky points: Price, Payment, Cash Required, Trade and Credit.

  1. Price: they think it’s not the right time to get the best price.

  2. Payment: they think the payment won’t fit in the budget

  3. Cash: they think too much cash will be needed to complete the transaction

  4. Trade: they think they owe too much on their trade, they won’t get enough, or need to finish their lease payments (or whatever other misperception they might have about their current vehicle)