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Sell More Cars to Professionals Using LinkedIn

Social media is a powerful sales tool for any industry. LinkedIn, in particular, is a great place to find qualified prospects, especially when it comes to vehicle sales. As any sales professionals will tell you, using social selling on LinkedIn can mean that you will be as much as 51% more likely to reach or exceed your quotas and have 45% more opportunities per quarter, according to data reported by LinkedIn.

Right now, there are more than 630 million active users on LinkedIn. Of those, 40% check their accounts daily. If you aren't one of those active users, you should be. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and one that people take seriously. There are a lot of motivated, highly-qualified potential leads on this site and making the efforts costs you nothing. Below, you can see just how you can get started using LinkedIn to its full potential laid out step by step.

Create and Update Your Profile

To get started, your profile doesn't have to include much. First, make sure that your photo or photos are professional and up to date. Then, make sure to include your current role and place of employment. Including past roles may also help you find connections you may otherwise miss out on. Add any other details you feel like adding to fill out the profile. Then you need to build up your network.

Build Your Network

Do not send random connection requests to people you have no connection to. Sending a canned message, or even the LinkedIn default message, should be avoided as often as possible. When you go to connect with someone, make sure you have a connection or a way to build one and send them a quick, personal message explaining who you are and why you want to connect.

  • Contact “Friends of Friends” – Like Facebook and so many other social media sites, LinkedIn will recommend people for you to connect with. Most of these are based on places you have worked or are what could be “mutual friends”. If someone feels familiar, feel free to reach out.

  • Ask New Customer to Connect – Asking for a new customer to add you on a social media site like LinkedIn is a lot easier than getting another type of contact information, like an email address. Not only does this allow you to contact them in the future, but it helps them remember you in the future if they need additional services or want to make a recommendation.

  • Connect with Old Customers – Connecting with people who have had a positive experience with you before can be a great way to not only expand your LinkedIn network but may also lead to referrals. When you go to connect, ask them how their car is doing, etc.

  • Create Quality Content – Content is one of the greatest ways to get people to find you, follow you, and even reach out to you on LinkedIn. By creating a great post about something in your industry (in this case, the automotive industry), you can leave a lasting impression. Providing people with the right content at the right time can encourage them to do business with you in the future.

Regularly Post Content

Again, content creation is one of the best ways to not only build your network but also to get people to reach out to you. What makes great content when you're trying to sell more cars? It depends on your area and the type of cars your selling.

For example, if the dealership you're working with sells used cars and, in particular, focuses on people with bad credit or no credit then what you would create may be an explanation of how the approval process would work. If you sell new cars, you may want to focus on explaining how much safer new cars are. Aim to post at least one new in-depth post of high quality per week.

Link Your Other Social Media Accounts

LinkedIn lets you link multiple social media accounts together. This lets you easily share posts and content between social networks, expanding your overall reach. If you have a substantial Facebook page or a large number of friends, connecting your LinkedIn account will help you add these Facebook friends as connections and followers on LinkedIn.

Engage with Other Users

One of the best ways to create new connections or develop leads is to connect with other users. If anyone has an automotive question and you can answer it, do so. If someone posts something related to your dealership or auto sales in general, respond. This can help you show up for potential customers and expand your influence.

When you post content, make sure you respond to all comments. If someone sends you a message or requests to connect, do so as soon as you can.

Automate Your Systems

Managing all of these posts, posting times, and making sure you engage with everyone right away can be time-consuming at the least. However, there are ways to automate nearly all of these tasks. With tools like the ones offered by, you can still sell more cars with LinkedIn but keep more of your time for yourself.

Consider Using Sponsored Content or LinkedIn Ads

In addition to using automation tools and social selling, you could further increase your online automotive marketing efforts by setting up a few LinkedIn Ads. Sponsored content, however, may be more effective at targeting the audience you want. With sponsored content, you set it up so your best posts can get optimal placement in the feeds of your best prospects.

You Could Double Your Digital Automotive Marketing in Minutes Each Day

With the above steps, you can drastically improve your social reach, use social selling to sell more cars and improve your personal brand and social proof all at the same time. It doesn't have to take long once you have established or adopted a system like the one provided by Furthermore, adding uploads and utilizing media marketing to almost any social media platform will yield results, as long as you put the time into it and nowadays that time investment can be halved.


Lucie Gauvreau is the CEO of Turbo Marketing Solutions. You can contact her by email here or reach her by phone every weekday at Turbo Marketing’s head office.

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