The 3 Mindset Shifts Required To Build Your Automotive Customer Acquisition Machine - The First Ment

Learn how to build a machine that will predictably and consistently turn total strangers into paying customers and raving fans

Today, I want to provide you with a simple system that will allow you to predictably and consistently turn total strangers into paying customers, like clockworks, 24/7, every week, and every month throughout the year; so you can gradually sell as many more cars as you want, without limits.

A Predictable and Consistent System

The two keywords here are consistently and predictably. Meaning the system will work all the time, invariably; and it will behave in a way that you can expect the results, without fail.

This system will work independently of your manufacturer's incentives if you’re a new car dealer or the inventory you have available on the ground if you’re an independent pre-owned dealer.

Think about the system, once in place, as a faucet you will be able to turn on gradually to increase the number of prospects you run through and the number of deals you make at the end.

I call the system the Customer Acquisition Formula; and over the next few weeks, I will be walking you through the different components of the system so you can start implementing it right after the training and build your own customer acquisition “machine” to sell more cars.

I’ll be honest, the Customer Acquisition Formula didn’t appear in my mind after an “a-ha” moment as a gift for all my hard work.

That would be a beautiful story for a movie, but it didn’t happen that way.

The Origin Story of The Customer Acquisition Formula

No, just like you, I was frustrated with the lack of extraordinary results stemming from all my efforts. Every day I would spend 14-16 hours in the office chasing the latest “thing” in the hope one of them would be a game-changer for the dealers and automotive professionals my company seek to serve.

I was plagued with the shiny object syndrome, pulled in too many directions, spread way too thin, trying to do everything, and tired of making tiny one-millimetre progress in a million direction without any chance of making any sizable breakthrough for myself and the dealerships that look to me for help.

I’ll be the first to admit it. These past few years felt like I was chasing unicorns!

Facebook Likes. Videos. No, “live” videos. Podcasts. Instagram. Stories. IGTV. Organic. Paid Ads. Custom Audiences. SEO. SEM. Blogs. Domain Authority. Inbound Links. Geo-Fencing. Retargeting. Email. SMS. Ringless voicemails. Direct Mail. QR-Codes. Content Curation.

I don’t know about you, but this has left me more often than not paralysed with overwhelm, confused, or chasing the next big thing in the hope it might provide me with a silver bullet that would fix all my customer acquisition problems.

Sounds familiar?

The 3 Mental Shift Required To Build Your Own Customer Acquisition Machine

As the co-founder of Turbo Marketing Solutions, I have a responsibility to hundreds of dealers of all brands who trust me every month to help them generate more leads from vehicle shoppers, plus over 20,000 thousands dealers and automotive professionals who follow me on social media in the hope of finding the key to their customer acquisition issues.

Imagine the pressure of having hundreds of dealers counting on you for sales, thousands of automotive professionals counting on you for answers, and having your life, your income, your business and your future hinge on your ability to find a system to turn strangers into paying customers consistently.

As you can see, I had all the required motivation to come up with a solution; and I did. From the insane pressure to find an answer, I was finally able to create the Customer Acquisition Formula.

But it didn’t come out of hard work. It came when I was able to make three mental shifts.

In this three-part series, I would like to share these three mental shifts:

  1. The First Mental Shift – Stop Thinking Like A Car Person

  2. The Second Mental Shift – Stop Chasing Silver Bullets

  3. The Third Mental Shift – Systems Thinking

Without making these shifts, it will be extremely difficult to embrace the new mindset required to build your customer acquisition machine.

In this post, I want to review with you the first one.

The First Mental Shift – Stop Thinking Like A Car Person

The first mental shift required to help you build your customer acquisition system is to step away from your automotive ivory tower and get in the shoes of the customers you’re trying to attract.

In other words, the system shouldn’t be built around you, your reality and your needs; but around the customer's desires, and the way they want to buy a car.

In his book Perfect Dealership, Max Zanan said it best. (I’m paraphrasing) “To win in today’s economy, we need to give customers all the tools they need to shop for their next vehicle the, way they want to do it, and make sure everything at the dealership supports that process.”

That means everything wit