The Second Mental Shift Required To Build Your Automotive Customer Acquisition Machine – Stop Chasin

Learn how to build a machine that will predictably and consistently turn total strangers into paying customers and raving fans PART 2

In this second post of the series, I want to review with you the second mental shift required to help you build a simple system that will allow you to predictably and consistently turn total strangers into paying customers, like clockworks, 24/7, every week, and every month throughout the year; so you can gradually sell as many more cars as you want, without limits.

If you haven’t yet read part 1, I highly recommend you do it now, so you have all the foundational elements in the right chronological order.

Let’s dive in…

The Second Mental Shift – Stop Chasing Silver Bullets

The second mental shift required to be able to build your customer acquisition system is to stop chasing silver bullets.

What I mean be chasing silver bullets is looking for a simple and seemingly magical solution to a very complicated problem.

In my experience, silver bullets usually come in the form of these seven pursuits:

  1. Chasing tactics

  2. Chasing knowledge

  3. Chasing tools & technology

  4. Chasing people

  5. Chasing incentives

  6. Chasing inventory

  7. Chasing motivation

Look, turning strangers into paying customers is not easy, and building a machine that will do it predictably and with consistency is almost impossible.

If it were easy, everybody would be multimillionaires!

So sometimes it’s easier to think that the latest tactic from the newest solution provider everybody is talking about might be the quick fix to all our problems. Or maybe it’s a new tool or technology, or that superstar manager, or the next incentive from your manufacturer. Or maybe if you could attend that event or that show, you would finally find the motivation to roll up your sleeves and get it done.

But although every one of these seven components is an ingredient of the overall customer acquisition system, individually chasing them will make you fall into the trap of chasing silver bullets.

Make Sure Your System “Flies” Before Strapping An “Engine” On It

The best way I found to illustrate this second mental shift is with the story of how the Wright Brothers invented the world's first flying aeroplane.

Back in 1903, the race was on all around the world to invent the first plane that could fly and most people became utterly obsessed with “the engine” portion of the solution.

Flying felt impossible, so people started building larger and larger engines with more and more horsepower (silver bullets) and strapping them to ridiculous planes completely ignoring the aerodynamics and the wings (systems).

Well, this resulted in some of the fanciest more powerful engines the world had ever seen, but it also resulted in planes that couldn’t get off the ground and were great to look at but completely useless.

The Wright Brothers took a different approach, while the whole world obsessed with engines (silver bullets), the Wright brothers obsessed with the plane and its aerodynamics (systems).

The brothers first focussed on a plane that could glide WITHOUT an engine, and then when they had the recipe right they strapped an ordinary engine to it and voila! The world's first flying plane was invented.

Now I want you to pause for a moment and let this next point sink in because it's a big one and it's almost the exact opposite to what everybody else out there is feeding you.

Today in the car business and the automotive marketing world, we are repeating the history of the engine obsession.

Most automotive professionals and decision-makers are obsessed with the latest marketing tactic offered by solution providers or the hottest traffic or lead source and are completely ignoring the overall system required to convert strangers into clients.

Most salespeople, marketing managers and dealership managers are obsessed over the latest trick, knowledge, tool, technology, or incentive when in reality they are only strapping a larger and more powerful engine to a fundamentally flawed plane.

Chasing Tactics is The Most Dangerous of All Silver Bullets

Now out of all the silver bullets you could be chasing, chasing tactics is the sneakiest and the easiest to fall victim to. It’s also the most common amongst dealers and automotive sales professionals because when you’re running a campaign, a private sale, sending SMS or ringless voicemails, hiring a call centre to call your customers, dropping flyers or mail invitations, or running ads online; it feels like you have a system.

It’s easy to fall in the trap of booking consecutive tactics throughout your annual calendar or pile concurrent tactics one on top of the other during the month and “feel” like these put together compound to form a system.

But they don’t.