The Third Mental Shift To Build Your Automotive Customer Acquisition Machine – Systems Thinking

Learn how to build a machine that will predictably and consistently turn total strangers into paying customers and raving fans PART 3

In this third and final post of the series, I want to review with you the third mental shift required to help you build a simple system that will allow you to predictably and consistently turn total strangers into paying customers, like clockworks, 24/7, every week, and every month throughout the year; so you can gradually sell as many more cars as you want, without limits.

If you haven’t yet read part 1 or part 2, I highly recommend you do it now, so you have all the foundational elements in the right chronological order.

Let’s dive in…

The Third Mental Shift – Systems Thinking

The third mental shift required to help you build your customer acquisition system is to shift your mindset from one that is chasing bigger and better components, for a mindset where you become obsessed with the overall system.

To help you make that shift, let me introduce you to what’s called the systems theory.

Think for a moment about some of the systems around or in you:

  • The solar system

  • The respiratory system

  • Political systems

  • The digestive system

  • Mathematical systems

  • The muscular system

  • Accounting systems

  • The nervous system

  • Computer systems

  • The reproductive system

  • The cardiovascular system

I think you get the picture.

Each of these systems works predictably and consistently towards a precise goal, using a minimum of efforts or resources.

The solar system, for example, is so precise and predictable that you can launch a rocket from the earth towards another planet and precisely predict where it will land in a few months or even years.

Every day you breathe, move, turn food into energy, and pump blood throughout your body to feed it without very little cognitive thinking.

Systems work, and once set in motion, there are hard to stop.

Just try holding your breath for a few minutes, and you’ll see how powerful your respiratory system is. It will even knock you unconscious if it has to so it can keep working!

Learning To Look At The Overall Effects Of Your Small Changes

Now imagine if you could build a customer acquisition system that would work in the same way. A system that would predictably, and consistently help you turn total strangers around your dealership into paying customers, and raving fans with minimal efforts.

A system that would continue to run and produce results even when outside factors inevitably influence the whole or its components.

This is the mental shift you need to make when you think of your customer acquisition efforts.

Let me give you an example…

Let’s say you were running Facebook ads, and you changed your targeting and were able to double the number of leads from what you were getting. Is that a good thing?

Well, looking at this single step in the customer acquisition funnel, it looks like a win. But if the change in targeting started to generate leads from the wrong prospects, people who don’t have the means or the credit to buy a vehicle from you or your dealership, for example, all you’re doing is spending more money to attract prospects who will clog your sales pipeline.

These additional “wrong” leads will suck out time and resources from your BDC and your salespeople, leaving you with less budget to reach the right prospects and less time to convert real deals.

That’s why you must shift from thinking of your customer acquisition efforts as individual components and start thinking about it as a whole.

Time For A Quick Reality Check

Let me ask you: