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  • Lucie Gauvreau

How To Precipitate Your Tire Swap Season and Sell More Winter Tires With A Video Campaign

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

How To Precipitate Your Tire Swap Season and Sell More Winter Tires With A Video Campaign

If you want to precipitate your tire swap season, so you don’t get too overwhelmed when the first snowflakes make their inaugural waltz in the fall sky and sell more winter tires and fall maintenance services before the official start of winter tire season, you need to read this quick blog post.

Could You Sell 30% More Winter Tires?

Do you think you could beat your best winter tire season in the history of your dealership’s parts department by over 30%?


Incorporate social proof to exponentially boost the effectiveness of your campaign. Share testimonials, photos, or videos of previous winners, along with positive customer feedback on the winter tires and fall maintenance services. This will create a sense of trust and credibility, persuading more customers to participate. Seeing happy winners and satisfied customers can create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) among your audience, motivating them to not just enter for the chance to win but also to seriously consider purchasing winter tires and maintenance services. In addition, encourage sharing by offering participants an extra entry into the draw for each referral. This makes your campaign viral, reaching a broader audience without any additional cost. Combine the thrill of winning with the authentic voice of your satisfied customers to supercharge your pre-winter tire season!

I can tell you that some of our dealers did by using a simple video campaign and a powerful two-part assumption.

Here’s the first part of the assumption: People love to win stuff…

And here’s the second part of the assumption: Nobody wants to win winter tires unless they need some.

Using this concept, I created a simple video campaign where we offer your current customers the ability to register to win a set of 4 winter tires (usually valued at $500) if they let you provide them with a quote for their next winter tires.

To register for the draw, interested prospects are asked to complete a quick Web form that will provide your parts team with all they need to provide the potential buyer with a quote for their next winter tires.

Winter Tires

People love the chance to win stuff, so you will get a ton of customers to raise a hand, ready to have a conversation about their next winter tires; and the last five years of running the campaign has shown us that very few people register for the draw unless they need the tires.

Who needs an extra set of 4 tires to store if you don’t need them?!?

Emotions Over Logic

The best part of the campaign is that it plays on people’s desire to win instead of their common sense, so it’s much easier for you to precipitate your tire swap season with a message like this versus trying to convince them to “beat the rush.”

To make sure to capture the leads from customers who need to swap their tires but who might not need new tires, we made sure to place a button on the home page of the campaign that directs them to your service appointment booking page.

More Fall Maintenance Business

And once people have completed the form that will allow you to provide them with a quote, we redirect them on a page featuring your fall maintenance promotions and specials.

This way, customers don’t come in only expecting tires, but realizing their vehicle also needs preparation for the colder months ahead.

This way you get people in sooner for their tire swap, sell more rubber than you ever thought possible, and also turn one of your best fall maintenance service seasons ever!

We can even customize the campaign with your specific specials, your ability to store tires, or other messages you would like to communicate to prospects.

Call For Action

Curious to know more? Start by clicking on this link and try the campaign for yourself, just like if you were a customer. Then give me a call and let me walk you through the sequence we use to get your customers and winter tire shoppers around your store excited about your offer.

I usually finish my blog by saying “let’s sell some cars”… but in this case, let’s sell some tires!!


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