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Sell More Cars With This Holiday Power Combo - SMS Marketing

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Sell More Cars With This Holiday Power Combo

If you’re looking to sell more cars during two of the most intense and extravagant consumer shopping spree of the year, you have to try this Holiday Power Combo!

Capitalize on the Biggest Shopping Events

If you’re still unsure as to which events I’m referring to, I’m obviously talking about the Black Friday weekend and Boxing Week.

Now, if you’re watching this, and you still have the benefit of going after both opportunities, good for you!

But if you’re watching this in December, and you missed out on the first one, I want to help you solidify your Boxing Week strategy and make sure you have the right tactics in place to squeeze every single deal out of this week when consumers are still frantically spending their hard-earned money before their wallets tighten up for a few months in the New Year.

Black Friday


Consider crafting your marketing messages in a way that alleviates the stress of holiday shopping. Use empathetic language and assure them that your dealership is there to provide a hassle-free and rewarding experience. Create an environment, both in your physical store and through your marketing materials, that is welcoming and festive. This emotional connection can set you apart from competitors who are only focused on the sales aspect, and create a lasting impression on the consumer that can lead to increased loyalty and sales.

Getting Through The Advertising Noise

Now, there are a few things you want to keep in mind when planning on spending your marketing dollars at these times of increased advertising noise.

The first one is the cost of mind-share. Meaning it will cost you a lot more than usual to capture the interest and focus of prospects.

Don’t hold it against them; they are bombarded, during these periods, with a ridiculously insane amount of marketing messages that would overwhelm even the sanest human being.

The Power of Personalized SMS Marketing

Your instinct might be to fight fire with fire and increase the noise level of your advertising message and spend, but the winning strategy here is to go against the grain and go in the opposite direction with an oversimplified message, getting rid of all the fluff, and opting for some of the most personal and intimate communication channels: prospects smartphones through SMS Marketing and ringless voicemails.

Drop the hype, make your messages ultra-personal and non-salespitchy; and most of all, time them to perfection, so you’re in front of your ideal audience before all the other retailers.

Send the SMS first, then follow up the next day with the ringless voicemail and reference the SMS so prospects can go back to the message and click on any URL you might have provided.

Leverage Consumer Interests in Your Marketing

The second thing you want to keep in mind is that prospects might not be in the market for a vehicle but might rather have on their buying radar retail items like clothing, furniture or electronics.

I’m sorry to pop your automotive bubble here, but with this knowledge, you can now make your communication efforts much more powerful.

Like Rober Collier’s said: “Always enter the conversation already occurring in the prospect's mind.”

Leverage Consumer Interests in Your Marketing

If you know prospects are in the market for big electronics, for example, send them an SMS and ringless voicemail offering them a 60” flat screen TV with the purchase of a vehicle or the chance to win one with a test drive during the event.

A quick call to your local Best Buy will help you secure all the TVs you need for your event at the lowest price possible, so you don’t eat out all your profits.

Imagine getting a text that would say something like: “Why drive around town all day for the best prices on TVs? Here at XYZ Motors, we’re giving them for FREE…” and then go on to explain your promotion.

Now, your communication efforts are entering the conversation occurring in the mind of the prospect with something they were already thinking about!

Rejuvenate Your Customer Data

If you feel your current customer data is a little fatigued, don’t worry, we have access to thousands of conquest emails and phone numbers you can use similarly to bring fresh eyeballs to your offers.

Plan Early and Launch a Multi-Channel Campaign

Another way to win during these busy periods is to go all out with a multichannel full-fledged campaign, but the secret here is to be out of the gates in the first few weeks of the month before the noise level even starts to ramp up.

I’ll put the link to a few of my favourite Holiday campaigns in the description of the video, in case you still have the luxury of time.

Launch Your Holiday Power Combo Quickly and Affordably

If you don’t, keep in mind that our Holiday Power Combo can be launched in less than 30 minutes and for as little as $595 to reach 1,000 contacts.

I hope I have the privilege to help you sell a few more deals before the end of the year!

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What if I didn't start planning my campaign early enough?

Where can I find examples of effective holiday campaigns?


Sean Cassy is a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for transforming businesses through powerful marketing strategies. With over 35 years immersed in the world of marketing, and as the co-founder and owner of Turbo Marketing Solutions for the past 17 years, Sean has a rich history in delivering results. He has personally crafted over 2,500 marketing funnels, edited 5,000 videos, and generated leads that have culminated in over $2 billion in sales for clients. Sean's deep involvement with AI marketing tools from companies worldwide, coupled with his vast experience in the automotive marketing industry, has uniquely positioned him as a thought-leader in the AI marketing space. He is now committed to leveraging his expertise to help businesses across all verticals seize the AI opportunity early, and gain a competitive edge. Sean's wealth of experience, continuous learning, and proven track record in delivering results, underscore his Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness in the field of AI marketing. You can follow Sean on LinkedIn:

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