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High-Quality Car Leads in 30 Minutes (or less) With SMS Marketing

Updated: May 29, 2023

High-Quality Car Leads in 30 Minutes

Are you feeling the heat to sell more cars... today?

Do you need that adrenaline jolt to turn the tides in your favour immediately, not next week or later this month?

You've landed on the right page. Buckle up as we take you on a high-speed ride into the realm of instant automotive sales acceleration.

We're going to talk about leveraging the power of SMS and ringless voicemails, but more importantly, the art of scripting the perfect message.

So, rev up your engines and get ready to turbocharge your sales!

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​The success of your SMS and ringless voicemail campaign is much more about the quality of your script than the quantity of your messages. Remember, you're not just sending information, you're telling a story. It's about your prospect, their needs, and how your dealership can meet them. Personalize your message, explain why you're reaching out, and be clear about what they should do next. This strategy will turn your campaign from an annoying disturbance into an irresistible opportunity!

The State of the Car Business: Signs of Recovery

Finally! It’s encouraging to see that the signs of recovery in the car business are more and more apparent everywhere across the country.

Customers are coming back to showrooms, the phones are ringing, and the pipelines are slowly but surely filling up.

The Need for Immediate Sales Results

But what if you need to sell some cars today?

No, I mean it. Not next week, not later this month; today!

What if you need a half-dozen deals in the next 48 hours or 12-15 deals more than the average uptick this weekend. Can it be done?

Well, the short answer is YES! And quite easily using “the right script” and broadcasting it using SMS and ringless voicemails.

The Importance of the Right Script With SMS For Dealership

Now you might have noticed that I didn’t say that SMS and ringless voicemails would help you sell more cars… I said the right script would.

Please don’t take me wrong. SMS and ringless voicemails are incredibly powerful technologies that can deliver an offer to potential prospects faster than anything else in my automotive marketing toolbox.

But it’s the script that will do the heavy lifting, not the technology.

The Power of SMS and Ringless Voicemails in Selling Cars

That’s precisely why I talk to so many automotive professionals and dealers who have been burned by a lousy SMS or ringless voicemail campaign.

Trust me; there’s nothing worse than using these powerful technologies with the wrong message or tone.

You risk having to deal with a never-ending backlash of customer complaints that will make you regret entertaining the thought of sending the broadcast in the first place.

Potential Pitfalls of Poorly Crafted SMS or Voicemail Campaigns

On the flip side, the right script or message can make the phone ring with hot prospects and help you obliterate your targets like nothing else.

Think about SMS and ringless voicemail technologies like a musical instrument.

In the hands of a professional musician or an artist, it can make a crowd dance; but in the hands of an amateur, it will make people cringe and even run for cover!

The ingredients of a successful script

The Ingredients of a Successful Script

So what’s a good script, you might ask?

Well, to start, it should not be about you, your dealership, your offers or your specials.

It should be about the prospect, his needs, his life, and what benefits him or her.

The right script should also feel personal, so drop the “we” and the “us” and write the message to the recipient as if it were a one-on-one conversation.

It should also feel like there are unique circumstances behind the reason you are reaching out.

People are much more likely to respond favourably to your call for action if they understand “WHY” this is an opportunity they should consider.

Remember the saying: Facts tell, stories sell!

The Impact of Clarity and Personalization in Your Message

Finally, make sure you mention your name and the name of the dealership you are calling from and be clear as to what the prospect should do next if they are interested in taking you up on the offer.

Clarity leads to sales. Confusion leads to empty showrooms.

When you put all of these tips together, you should end up with a script that will feel like you’re offering hotcakes to your prospects, and they will irresistibly gravitate towards your store.

It’s not rocket science, but just like a recipe, you can ruin the whole thing if you put a little too much of this or too little of that.

Our Offer: Tailored Scripts, Voice Actors, and Quick Turnaround

If you feel slightly overwhelmed by the task of putting together the ideal script, don’t worry!

You can always reach out and let me create the perfect SMS and ringless voicemail scripts for your event.

You will have the ability to record the voicemail yourself on your smartphone or enjoy one of our numerous voice actors if you prefer.

We can even send SMS and ringless voicemails for you if you want and turn the whole thing around in 30 minutes or less.

We’ll even manage all the menial responses and request to unsubscribe sent by text message so you can focus solely on the hot leads and selling cars.

The Cost-Effective Solution for Boosting Car Sales

Did I mention you could send your perfect SMS and ringless voicemail message to a thousand prospects for only $595?

The Cost-Effective Solution for Boosting Car Sales

How’s that for a plan to sell some cars today or this weekend?

Our Commitment to Rapid and Efficient Marketing Solutions

There’s no doubt in my mind that we will fully recover from the setback caused by the health crisis and that we will get back to business as usual. But if your sales need a jolt of adrenaline in the next 48-72 hours, call me at Turbo Marketing Solutions by dialling 1 800 262-0081 ext 703.

Remember, we can make it all happen for you in 30 minutes or less.

That’s why our name is Turbo Marketing and not Donkey&Carriage Marketing!

Let’s sell some cars!

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About the author:

Sean Cassy is a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for transforming businesses through powerful marketing strategies. With over 35 years immersed in the world of marketing, and as the co-founder and owner of Turbo Marketing Solutions for the past 17 years, Sean has a rich history in delivering results. He has personally crafted over 2,500 marketing funnels, edited 5,000 videos, and generated leads that have culminated in over $2 billion in sales for clients.

Sean's deep involvement with AI marketing tools from companies worldwide, coupled with his vast experience in the automotive marketing industry, has uniquely positioned him as a thought-leader in the AI marketing space. He is now committed to leveraging his expertise to help businesses across all verticals seize the AI opportunity early, and gain a competitive edge.

Sean's wealth of experience, continuous learning, and proven track record in delivering results, underscore his Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness in the field of AI marketing.

You can follow Sean on LinkedIn:

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