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Precipitate Your Tire Swap Season and Sell More Winter Tires

Beat Your Best Winter Tire Season By Over 30% Using This Video, SMS, Email And YouTube AI Marketing Campaign.

Learn How To Precipitate Your Tire Swap Season and Sell More Winter Tires With Videos

If you want to precipitate your tire swap season, so you don’t get too overwhelmed when the first snowflakes make their inaugural waltz in the fall sky and sell a ton of winter tires and fall maintenance services before the official start of winter tire season, you need to watch this quick video.


Do you think you could beat the best winter tire season in the history of your dealership’s parts department by over 30%?

I can tell you that some of our dealers did by using a simple video campaign and a powerful two-part assumption.

Here’s the first part of the assumption: People love to win stuff…

And here’s the second part of the assumption: Nobody wants to win winter tires unless they need some.

Using this concept, I created a simple video campaign where we offer your current customers the ability to register to win a set of 4 winter tires (usually valued at $500) if they let you provide them with a quote for their next winter tires.

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